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Our solid lotions are full of natural, pure and simple ingredients that will deeply moisturise and nourish your skin!

Being a solid product they're extra concentrated, so all you need to do is lightly rub the bar on your damp skin and then massage it to allow for full absorption. 

All the solid lotions are 100% vegan-friendly, zero waste and palm-oil-free. 


Available in: 

- Unscented: perfect for those with allergies and for the cocoa butter lovers, as its sweet chocolaty scent isn't covered by the presence of essential oils.

- Sweet: scented with sweet orange and cinnamon essential oils, which give it a sweet and cozy scent!

- Floral: scented with lavender, palmarosa and ylang ylang essential oils, which create a delicate, sweet and floral blend.

- Citrus: scented with bergamot, grapefruit and thyme essential oils, giving it a vibrant and refreshing citrus scent!


Solid Lotion Bars Zero Waste Path

SKU: 1411
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