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Our deodorants use recipes that we have tried and tested on us for a long time, we only use simple, pure, natural ingredients and will keep you fresh without the harsh synthetic stuff!


This cream deodorant keeps you fresh while moisturising the skin.

There's no need to create waste or use antiperspirants to avoid unwanted , nature has provided us with great ingredients that help eliminate and prevent the bacteria responsible for bad smells.

This is not an antiperspirant deodorant, but thanks to its antibacterial properties it will keep all bad odours away! 


Once used, please return the metal case to us and we will send it to Zero Waste Path to be reused. 


Available in: 

- Grapfruit and Lemongrass: Thanks to the strong mixture of citrus scents, this deodorant will make you feel fresh every time, in addition to this the Lemongrass essential oil helps boosting the antibacterial power of the deodorant!


- Lavender and Tea Tree: The lavender gives it a nice, relaxing scent and thanks to its calming properties it is great for sensitive skin types, meanwhile the tea tree gives it an extra antibacterial boost!


All the deodorants are 100% vegan-friendly, zero waste and palm-oil-free!


100% tinplate tin which can be returned to us for reuse.

Deodorant Zero Waste Path

SKU: 1409
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