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Colombian Planadas Community


Beautifully complex community coffee from the Planadas municipality of central-western Colombia.


This coffee is imported by The Green Collection who are committed to social development, transparency and sustainability and have exercised this through their community development program, centralised around the various Planadas hamlets. The project initiative is to develop a stable environment through traceability and sustainably grown coffee, with an emphasis on social welfare.


With new and ongoing campaigns including:

- Organic fertiliser

- Sustainable production

- Tree planting

- Extended fermentation practices


This particular community coffee is a blend from 5-6 smaller producing Planadas Community Farms and is an excellent example of Colombian coffee. With a smooth body and well-balanced juicy mouth feel, it has an interesting complexity of flavour but is very easy to drink. Roasting to a medium level accentuates these delicate, fruity flavours and shines beautiful tasting notes of Chocolate, Caramel, Sweet Panela and Yellow Fruits.


We can grind your beans to your specification. Just let us know how you like to have your coffee and we'll grind the beans for you. 



Roasted in the UK near Malvern.


Colombian Coffee

SKU: 904
100 Grams
  • Colombian Coffee Beans.

  • Keep in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Store in an airtight container.

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